Lava Lakes Report 7/9/21

Lava Lakes Report 7/9/21

The Lava Lakes have seen better days. There are definitely fish still present in the lakes; however, it has become clear that there was some kind of die off during the winter. ODFW has stocked a few fish so that the fishery is maintained. The lingering heat will keep trout deep in the lake. Surface action is unlikely, but your best bet is terrestrials or maybe a smaller callibaetis near dark. Damsels are the most likely fly to produce results. Dark assassins would be my next choice. Callibaetis and chironomids are good to try out as well. Leeches have potential. If you do get some fish at the Lava Lakes, treat them really well. We want these fish to be present in the lakes for many years to come.

Suggested Flies: Black or Red Zebra Midge #16-18, Black or Red Chironocone #14-18, Grey Gillie Midge #16, Tiger Midge #16-18, Olive Juju Chironomid #14, Poxyback Callibaetis #16-18, Feather Duster Callibaetis #16-18, Dark Assassin #14-18, Bird’s Nest HE #14-18, Bird’s Nest or Black Depth Charge #16-18, Bruised or Olive Balanced Leech #10-14, Ruby Leech #10-12, Agent Black #14-16, Olive or Black BH Mini Leech #12, Thin Mint #10-12, Black Wooly Bugger #10-12, Balanced Damsel #14, Dainty Damsel #14, Scotts Damsel #14

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