Cascade Lakes Glory

Cascade Lakes Glory

Our lake guides, Scott Cook, Scott Lewis and Zac Sayed have been hosting many satisfied clients up at East Lake and Crane Prairie Reservoir. It has been an incredible season already on our favorite lakes. The rainbows and browns are equally willing to engage up and East.


We’ve had success on everything from simple “Chirono-Bobber” rigs fished off the shelves, to stripping bugger to every phase of the calibaetis lifecycle. The weather has played tricks on some days and made others blow up.


What has impressed more than anything is the health and beauty of the fish. East is a lake with so much to offer any lover of stillwater fly-fishing. Stop in for your East Lake tutorial and then get out there for some fun of your own.


Crane Prairie has had some ups and downs already this season with a heavy algae bloom in places. These conditions make it all the more important to dial in some of our favorite areas and techniques. 

Every day there are hatches on Crane. You might find calibaetis, damsel flies, chironomids, you might use dry-dropper rigs or strip damsel nymphs are set up under an indicator with “Ice Cream Cone” flies.


Please note the beautiful net in this photo. It was made here in Bend by the massively talented Chuck Claire. We have these nets in the shop if you’d like one of your own.

Wickiup has been offering some evening action for those willing to stick it out till last light. Our guide, Zac and some of the boys have been doing some “Research and Development” of late and so we have a little insight as to what you might try to get into a true lunker!


So get out on our lakes and enjoy them as we do. We are here to help you along.

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