Five Items To Always Have With You While Winter Fishing 

Five Items To Always Have With You While Winter Fishing 


Spare Base Layers

When things are wet and cold having a backup is a must. If your base layers get wet while you’re out fishing it usually results in an early departure. Having backup layers is always a great idea but having backup base layers is a must.

The Simms Lightweight Baselayer Bottom is highly recommended. HEIQ fabric naturally keeps these bottoms fresh and odor-free. The polyester fabric dries quickly, making for a perfect fishing base layer.

Simms Lightweight Baselayer Top is our favorite baselayer shirt. It has the same HEIQ technologies that keep the shirt odor-free and dry. 


You never know what may happen in the winter. That’s why having spare gloves around is a must, even if you don’t wear gloves while you fish. When car trouble or other unforeseen mishaps occur, gloves will be your best friend.

The Simms GORE-TEX INFINIUM Half Finger Mitts are our favorite gloves for fishing and other activities that require finger dexterity. 


If your socks get wet, you’re toast. No other option than to pack up and head on home. Unless you’ve got extra dry socks around. Whenever you’re fishing, but especially during cold weather, pack extra socks. Your feet will thank you.

The Simms Merino Midweight Over the Calf Socks are perfect for winter fishing. Merino wool has natural moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties.

Warm Winter Cap

Humans lose lots of heat through their heads. The quickest way to warm up is to put on a warm cap. While you’re out in the elements, it’s a luxury to be able to put something dry and toasty on your head. It can also be a life saver in extreme situations. 

The Patagonia Powder Town Beanie is the warmest hat we’ve got in the store. The comfort this hat brings in the winter is unbeatable.

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