Five Weight Fly Rod Shootout

Five Weight Fly Rod Shootout

Every fly angler should have a five-weight, they are the most versatile rod for trout fishing. We took some time to cast around our favorite five-weight rods off the rod rack and we wrote up a brief analysis of each rod. 

Echo Carbon XL

The Echo Carbon XL is an excellent rod for beginners. For the price, it’s got phenomenal power and a super forgiving action. Tossing around dry flies and moderately heavy nymphs is a breeze with the Carbon. 

Redington Vice

The Redington Vice will surprise you with its fast action and incredible power. Long-distance casts with decent precision are easy to achieve. The rod sacrifices feel for power, making it ideal for casting heavier nymph rigs, large dry flies, and even some small streamers. This budget fast action rod will surprise you. 

Echo Boost

The Echo Boost has the ability to make precise casts with exceptional distance. The rod's fairly fast action is able to handle just about anything you throw at it. Delicate dry fly presentations, indicator rigs with fairly heavy nymphs and even tossing around some small streamers is easy with a five-weight Echo Boost. 

Redington Trace

The Redington Trace has superb feel and exceptional power. Its ability to make precise casts was phenomenal; although, powerful distance casts aren’t as natural with this rod. The moderate - fast action is great for tossing around flies that require delicate and accurate presentations. 

Sage Sonic 

The Sage Sonic has exceptional power and amazing accuracy. Long-distance casts are a breeze with this rod. The crisp yet sensitive tip gives you amazing control and feel. The Sonic is an all-around performer, it can handle just about any fly you’d want to fish with a five weight. 

Winston Pure

The Winston Pure has an unrivaled feel. While casting, you can feel every minute motion you make. Its classic medium action is perfect for fishing that requires presentations that are extremely delicate and accurate. This rod is perfect for a dry fly only angler or someone looking for a dedicated dry fly rod. 

Sage X

The Sage X is simply incredible. It has power that is nearly unrivaled by any other rod. The action is fast but still forgiving enough for an inexperienced caster. This rod is one of the few that can easily cast very long distances while still producing casts that are delicate and accurate. Just like the Sonic, the X can handle just about anything you’d ever want to fish with a five-weight.

Winston Air 2

The Winston Air 2 has a perfect mix of power and feel. It can make long-distance casts with ease, while still having the delicacy to fool finicky fish. With this rod, even a novice caster can make casts with deadly precision. The Air 2 is a perfect all-around rod for dry fly fishing or nymphing. 

Come stop in the shop or give us a call if you’d like more information on any of these rods. We’re always happy to help!

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