Latest News and Fishing Reports

Latest News and Fishing Reports


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We had another wonderful turnout for the Educational Series last week to hear Scott talk about all things “lake”. Anyone who’s been with him on a guided trip to one of our lakes knows that he possesses an uncanny understanding of what works and where to use it. Any of us who’ve been fortunate enough to be invited out for a day of “fun fishing” with him on his boat will have gotten really good at netting his fish! The guy just knows of what he speaks regarding still water fishing in these parts. All of us benefit from his decades of intense “research”. Once again a big thanks to Jeff at Columbia Distributing for the adult beverages. This once a month program has been a tremendously rewarding endeavor for us. We will continue these free events as long as willing students keep coming! Thank you all so much for making it so much fun. See you all next month on June 18th.


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For those interested in fishing the recently opened Upper Deschutes River, the reports have been coming in from our guides that the brookies are there and eager to play! This stretch of river has many faces, all of which can challenge and reward. Feel free to stop by the shop to inquire as to what part of the river might best fit your idea of a good day.


The area known as Cow Meadow is easily the most popular of the Upper Deschutes. There is great access from the bridge both up and down stream. This area is mostly meadow stream fishing but can be approached with either dry fly, nymph or bugger techniques. There are lots of fish stacked up in deeper holes and slots. Undercut banks are a favorite for some of the bigger fish. There are several other good access points along Cascade Lakes Highway. If you are interested in getting out to explore this really cool stretch of river we can set you up with some bugs and tell you where to try, or hire one of our local expert guides to show you some great spots and techniques to employ. Half-day trips are affordable, informative and fun. We can take from one to four anglers. It’s a great way to hasten the learning process on the Upper Deschutes River.


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The Lower Deschutes salmon fly hatch has been a start/stop affair this season. Many of our guides have been busy boys on both the day stretch from Warm Springs to Trout Creek as well as Multi-Day Camp Trips down to Maupin. While this time of the year can offer up decent days, it can also produce memorable events when it seems like all the big fish are looking up and wanting a big meal. We’ve had many amazing days of working the banks hard for big fish during the last couple weeks. This may not be the way to catch the most fish, but it is easily the most tricky and rewarding. We will continue fishing the banks all summer with caddis dries, but we have to emphasize that the Lower Deschutes banks are heavily populated with rattle snakes, so move with extra caution at all times down there. There have been many, many sightings and close calls already this year. Our guides are experts at responsibly working the banks with our clients, but it’s taken years of experience to learn where the snakes most often hang out and how to avoid unnecessary engagement. What we’ve discovered is that we can all co-exist be taking certain precautions and respecting our place in nature. And, as we were saying, there are a lot of really nice fish to be fooled along the banks!


The riffles, runs and slots have also produced fish on big dries lately. But increasingly, the caddis pupae has become the favored treat for riffle fish. This is no great surprise. The caddis is already happening pretty heavily. We’ve had days recently during which a small Jimmy Legs trailed by a Nitro Caddis or Pupae has been really effective. So stay nimble down there. That cannot be over-emphasized. We have guide availability over the next few weeks.


Last year produced some excellent days on the Lower Deschutes in early June. Let us take you down there for a day of living like a king (or queen) and fun fishing.



All around the Cascade Lakes reports are coming in of great fishing. From Hosmer to Lava to Crane and East, trout are being fooled utilizing all the usual methods. Whether you enjoy chirono-bobber, Callibaetis, stripping buggers or all of the above, one of our local lakes will suit you. Scott has been out a bunch recently. He has fished Crane, Lava and East with clients ranging from hardcore experts to complete newbies. The stories of these days are awesome! Kids catching 27” ‘bows. Slabby brown trout crushing buggers on East. Big bows on Callibaetis out at Lava. This is going to be a great season on all our local lakes. If you’re looking for a kick-start to the season hire Scott for a day and get right up to speed. It will prepare you for the summer ahead with a whole new outlook on still water fishing around here.


Around the shop things have been busy and fun. So many eager, enthusiastic, focused anglers come through on a regular basis. We have an amazing crew around here, and many visitors too. For those who haven’t heard our summer hours have us opening at 7AM every day. So all of you day-breakers, we will be there to take care of any last minute needs. We will be open until 7PM Monday-Friday, 5PM Saturday and 3PM Sunday. Look forward to seeing you in here soon!

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