Scientific Angers Lines in Store Now!

Scientific Angers Lines in Store Now!

It has been a while since we’ve offered Scientific Anglers products here at Fly and Field. It is no secret that SA has been producing high-quality lines that perform on the water for years, but multiple changes in ownership and operation of the company have resulted in some interesting years for the fly line manufacturer as well and the shops and anglers that interact with their lines every day. Recently, we’ve been happy to see the folks designing and producing lines at SA working hard to bring some revolutionary concepts to their new lines, and the results have made quite the impact in the industry. With new technologies in line texturing and an entirely new slickness additive, SA has been on the forefront of performance and durability in the fly line world, and the results are unique alternatives to the Rio and Airflo favorites that we’ve got in the shop. We’re excited to have several lines well suited to area waters available so that we as anglers can be best prepared for the situation when the time comes to put that fly where it needs to be.

Sonar Stillwater Clear Camo – For stealthy Stillwater presentations

The Sonar Stillwater Intermediate is a camouflage line designed specifically for stealthy presentations in Stillwater environments. With all of the lake fishing opportunities we have in Central Oregon an intermediate line is a must-have for local anglers, and can be the only way to achieve a proper presentation when moving Wooly Buggers, Damsels, or other nymphs at a set depth and speed. Overweighted by one line weight, the Sonar Stillwater is ideal for fast action rods and works well on the 9’6” or 10’ lake rods many of us have in our quivers. A super supple coating means minimal memory, which translates to a line that sinks straight and consistently giving you a direct connection to fly and fish even at great distances.

Amplitude Trout/ Amplitude Trout Smooth – Built for delicate presentations

The Amplitude Trout is the line for the presentation oriented trout angler. Ideal for use with dry flies and light nymph rigs, this line provides confidence when casting to wary trout at any distance. It’s true-to-grain weight design pairs perfectly with modern medium action rods and bamboo or fiberglass classics alike. This line will leave anglers confident when confronted with Caddis in big back eddies on the Lower D or BWO emergers and sipping Redsides on the Met.

Like many of the SA lines, the Trout is available in a textured option which allows for ultimate shootability and flotation. SA became famous for their textured lines with the “Sharkskin” technology that many of us remember for its unmistakable sound and shootability. The current shooting texture which can be found on a variety of new SA lines feels more similar to a traditional line without sacrificing its ability to shoot effortlessly through the guides. Additionally, an entirely different “floating texture” traps air to maximize floatation and is found through the front taper.

Amplitude Smooth Infinity – All around freshwater

For those looking for the single line that can do it all, the Amplitude Infinity brings all-purpose freshwater performance that is designed to accommodate different styles of flies in pursuit of all varieties of freshwater species. An all-purpose taper and half-size heavyweight culminates in a line that will turn over a heavy streamer just as well as it will precisely place a small dry. From everyday use on the trout stream to chasing Steelhead, Bass, or Panfish, the Infinity will not disappoint.

Amplitude MPX – All around trout

The MPX is another half-size heavy line from SA designed as a high-performance general presentation trout line. Based on the popular GPX taper, this line is built with its mass concentrated towards the front of the head to provide power when casting into the wind or while fishing heavy flies. With an improved front taper, the line maintains its ability to fish dries when the need is and is an ideal choice for fishing large Hopper and Stonefly patterns or dry droppers. The MPX features both shooting and floating texture for ultimate performance and durability.

Each of the lines we are currently carrying provides a unique alternative to those looking to get the most out of their fishing experience. While we are only stocking the lines that we feel are most fitting to the area, we are more than happy to special order any current SA line to meet the needs of those who are traveling or looking for solutions to unique angling situations!

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