Where are good spots to fish near Sunriver, Oregon?

Where are good spots to fish near Sunriver, Oregon?

Sunriver Oregon is located in the middle of some of the best fishing the state has to offer. There are countless lakes and a few great streams all within an hour’s drive. 

Fall River

The Fall River is a short spring creek that flows into the Deschutes River a few miles north of LaPine State Park. The Fall River Fish Hatchery regularly stocks the stream with rainbow trout. At first, these fish are eager to take a fly but after a while they get picky. The Fall River is naturally a nutrient-poor stream, which means that the majority of aquatic invertebrates are rather small. The fish are aware of this, on certain days a tiny size 22 is all the fish are interested in. Once these finicky fish decide to play along, they’ll fight like crazy. The Fall River is open all year long. Stop in the shop or give us a call if you’d like more information on fishing the Fall River.

Upper Deschutes River

The headwaters of the Deschutes River span from Little Lava Lake down to Crane Prairie Reservoir. This section is well known for its fly fishing. Most of the water here is small. The fish prefer to sit in deeper pools, under undercut banks, or around logs. Dry flies, nymphs, and small streamers all have potential, due to the streams’ smaller size, flies smaller than size 14 typically work the best. Redband trout, mountain whitefish, and non-native brook trout can be found here, in good numbers. All the fish in this section of the river are wild. This section of the Deschutes River is open from May 22nd - September 31st. Our walk and wade guide trips often head up to the headwaters, give us a call or stop in the shop if you’d like more information or if you’d like to book a trip with one of our guides. 

Crane Prairie Reservoir

Of all of Central Oregon’s astounding rainbow trout, the “Cranebows” are definitely special. There are some incredible trout to be caught in this reservoir. Throughout most of the year, fishing with callibaetis nymphs, chironomids, and balanced leeches is productive. In the spring and early fall, there can be some lights-out callibaetis dry fly-fishing. You definitely want a boat to hunt for the amazing wild trout lurking in the reservoir. Crane Prairie is open from April 22nd -  October 22nd. Our lake guides love taking guests here, there’s no better way to learn how to catch a Cranebow than learning from a pro. Give us a call or stop in the shop if you’d like information about the fishing or about booking trips.

Davis Lake 

In this area, you don’t hear about bass all that often, until you start talking about Davis Lake. There are monster largemouth bass in here. Fishing from a boat is ideal but bank fishing isn’t impossible. Fishing with streamers is effective, as are poppers and other top-water tactics. This lake is fly fishing only and it’s open all year; although, in the late fall, winter, and early spring the lake is snowed in. If you’d like more information on Davis Lake, give us a call or stop by the shop. We’d be happy to help you harass some bass!

East and Paulina Lake

East and Paulina Lake are located in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Both lakes sit in the caldera of an old volcano. East Lake is far shallower than Paulina, making it the ideal choice for fly fishing. Paulina can still be fly-fished in the shallower areas. East Lake is stocked each year with rainbow trout. Both lakes host productive populations of rainbow trout, brown trout, and kokanee. The brown trout get big up there. Trophy fish are caught every season using a variety of tactics. Nymphing with callibaetis nymphs, chironomids, and balanced leeches is typically the most productive in spring and summer. Once fall rolls around, streamers tend to entice the big fish to come out and play. Both East and Paulina Lake are open year-round; however, they are snowed in from November through April. Our lake guides love to take people fishing out on East Lake. Let us know if you’re interested in booking a lake trip with our guides or if you’re looking for more information on fishing tactics in the Newberry Caldera.


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