RIO Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Lines - Closeout

RIO Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Lines - Closeout

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Parabolic lines use three different densities to help the line sink in U shape, with the middle section of the head sinking the fastest so that the fly seems to dive or swim toward the bottom during the beginning of the retrieve, and then back toward the surface when the line approaches the boat. With this type of sinking action you can make the fly swim from top to bottom, and then bottom to top, sweeping the entire water column. Because the tip rides a little higher, you have less chance of hanging up on irregular bottom contours.

Every Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Line starts with a clear, intermediate tip that transitions to a medium or fast-sinking body and then to a slower-sinking running line. Each line has a short, 35-foot head for easy casting and a marker 20 feet from the tip to visually and tactilely show when to pick up the line and recast.

Available in 5- through 8-weights, they come in two different sink profiles: sink 2 / sink 4 / int and sink 4 / sink 6 / int; and two different color schemes: clear/black/light aqua and clear/black/dark aqua

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