Fall River Update

Fall River Update

The Fall should have decent access to tubes but will definitely be a bit muddy, the hatchery and pullouts on the upper river will all be good spots to drop in. The fish will be active with this great weather and hopefully the bugs too, the hatch has been a little hard to come by but midges are always around for the dedicated few. Otherwise a dry dropper with light tippet or a few flies below an indicator is the bet. We have been finding success on the small small stuff, size 20 with a little extra weight, two bit hookers and super sinkers are good choices. Euro patterns with a tungsten bead have also been very effective when fished under a small chubby or yarn indicator or tight line. Sight fishing is a very fun way to fish out here when the sun is up, if they won’t take a well drifted nymph try changing size or try a slow swinging streamer just in front of them. If a fish just seems completely disinterested go find another one, there are plenty of fish in the river that will be more willing to eat.

Recommended Dries: Hackle Stacker Female Baetis #18-22, Purple Haze #18-20, BWO Sparkle Dun #18-22,Tilt Wing BWO #18-20, Xelon Midge Black #18-20, Winkers Midge Black #18-24, Stillborn Midge #18-20, Chubby Chernobyl Black #14-16.

Recommended Nymphs: Two Bit Hooker Black #16-20, Super Sinker Black #16-18, Twisted May Black or Olive #14-16, SR Bullet French #16, Tailwater Tiny Black #18-22, Rainbow Warrior Black #18-20.

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