Lower Deschutes Update

Lower Deschutes Update

Our guides have been on the day stretch as well as running camp trips down to Maupin all week with great success for trout. The fish have been hungry and happy as we count down summer, eating a variety of nymphs fished under an indicator or euro style consistently. October Caddis are starting to show up in smaller number and trout have started to key in on that nymph. October caddis are a very very large caddis fly that will hatch throughout fall, they are generally at least a size 10 and have an orange body and orange wings when they become adults.  A big October Caddis trailed by a small red worm or two bit hooker will be a good bet when targeting trout.

We are still seeing one or two fish per day headed over Sherars and have heard of a couple more fish getting caught up in the day stretch. The Lower canyon below the falls is going to be your best bet right now to target some Steelhead, swinging a traditional hair-wing fly on a floating tip is the go to in mornings and evenings, switch to a heavier tip and larger fly in the middle of the day when the sun is on the water.

Suggested Dries: X-Stimulator #8-12, Elk Hair Caddis #12-20, Tilt wing PMD #16-20, Henry’s Fork Caddis black #16-20, CDC Caddis #16-20, Parachute BWO #18-20, Hackle Stacker BWO #18-20, Thorax BWO #18-20, Parachute PMD #16-20.

Suggested Nymphs: Deep October Caddis Pupa, Bird of prey October Caddis, Jimmy Legs black or brown, Two Bit Hooker, Frenchie Jig, Perdigon, Dirty Bird.

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