Winter Conditions On The Met

Winter Conditions On The Met

The Met is my go to for winter fishing, the Kokanne have finished their spawn and the whitefish are begging theirs. Small pale yellow or orange egg patterns will be a good bet for the next couple of weeks as the spawn continues. The trout will stack up behind spawning white fish and pick off eggs that don’t make it into the gravel. The cold weather will keep the baetis down for a couple of weeks but don’t be surprised if you find a sporadic hatch or two in the early afternoons or late mornings. Trout tend to move into slower water during these winter months. They conserve their energy and feed selectively and efficiently on stone flies, mayflies and lots of midges.

Bulls are spread out in the river and fishing for them has been good. These fish get BIG, a 7 or 8wt rod with a full sinking line and short thick leader is recommended. When fighting these tanks be prepared to keep that fish in the hole, once they run down river it can be next to impossible getting them back up. As always cover water as quickly and efficiently as possible looking for any slower deeper pools or runs where these fish can stick to the bottom waiting for any unsuspecting prey. I like to fish articulated streamers in white, red and tan this time of year to try and imitate the spawning and dead Kokanee. 

The weather is looking pretty nasty the next couple of days so be prepared for icy and snowy roads and river banks. Be careful and expect freezing temperatures and snowfall into the weekend throughout Central Oregon. Extra layers and some gloves are always good things to have in the car for a day of fishing, just in case!lack

Suggested Dries: Griffiths Gnat #18-22, Nunya’s Midge #20-24, Stillborn Midge #18-20, Winkers Midge Black #20-24, Purple Haze #18-20, Hackle Stacker Baetis #18-22, Tilt Wing BWO #18-20, BWO Sparkle Dun #18-20.

Suggested Nymphs: BH Poxy Golden Stone#12-10, Lex’s Improved Golden Stone #10-8, Micro Egg Cheese Flame #18, CDC Biot Emerger BWO #18-22, CDC Soft Hackle BWO #18-20, Tailwater Tiny Black #18-24, Super Sinker Black #16-18, BH Pheasant Tail #16-20.

Suggested Streamers: Dali Lama Black, White, Olive, Ice Pick, Keller’s Nightmare, Keller’s Dream catcher.

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