Don't Break The Bank- Buying Fly Rods in Your Budget

Don't Break The Bank- Buying Fly Rods in Your Budget

We at Fly and Field are here to help, and have plenty of options for an entry level combo that won’t make you feel like the piggy bank is completely drained. Come into the shop or call us to discuss more about the options below and how we can best get you outfitted. 

Sage’s Foundation fly rod is a wonderful way to get into the Sage family, and produces a very nice stick. Starting out at $325, this rod can be the workhorse you’ve always wanted. It's like the Ford F-150s of the fly rod world, it will do its job and do it well. Pair the Foundation with a Redington Behemoth reel or a Lamson Liquid, and add a Rio Gold Elite or Rio Grande Elite fly line to suit the desired application and water your fishing. The Rio Gold Elite is more of an all around taper, for most applications, while the Rio Grand Elite is more suited for heavy nymphs and streamers. Choosing the correct fly line for the type of fishing you most often participate in (dry flies, nymphing, or streamer fishing) will round out your combo and put a smile on your face. 

Redington and Echo get the most attention at the shop with beginner anglers researching rods for a first time purchase. The Echo Carbon XL has a slightly slower action but can handle softer presentations, as well as large nymph rigs. You can fish this rod on the smaller, spring-fed systems like the Fall River, or take it down to the Lower Deschutes and cover big water effectively. This rod can do it all, and get you where you want to go. Whether it is a 50 foot dry-fly cast, or a heavy-rig roll cast, this rod is a solid entry level stick. 

Redington’s go-to for beginners is the Redington Path. You will enjoy this rod from the first cast. The Path is stiffer through the butt section, giving it a bit more inherent power than the Carbon XL. The only drawback to this feature is a little less feel with lighter presentations. These two options are great for beginners-intermediate anglers and have been fished all over Alaska and the Lower 48. We’ve even heard stories of these rods holding up to summer steelhead hooked while trout fishing here in Central Oregon. 

Give us a call at the shop, or swing in to test these rods out on our casting pond. Wishing you all the best!

-Fly and Field Crew

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