Single Hand Spey Lines- When and Where to use them!

Single Hand Spey Lines- When and Where to use them!

The Lower Deschutes from Warm Springs down through Macks Canyon the river system can look daunting and extensive to any angler. The single-hand Spey line from Rio offers a significant ability to get to the rivers' hard-to-reach areas. This line is meant for carrying heavier nymphing rigs and swinging/stripping streamers but can also be used for the Deschutes annual salmon fly hatch. We used this line this past season for Salmon Flies, and having the ability to get into hard-to-reach banks by utilizing this line's roll casting capabilities will be a tactic every angler should have in their quiver. 

The lines taper allows for long roll casts and fewer false casting when the room is available. The fly line is delicate enough to touch down salmon flies with a natural "smack" on the surface, imitating the bugs' flight path. 

Whether you are fishing heavy jimmy legs with a couple of trailing nymphs, split shot, and an indicator, the Rio single hand Spey will handle these setups with ease and grace. 

The goal is to take the big-looking river and break it down into fishable sections. Read the water, take your time walking up to run to figure out just when and where to begin. "Don't die with the fly" type of speech. When something hasn't worked going through a fishy section, be sure to change up your tactics just a bit. Move your indicator down six inches for slightly deeper drifts, add or remove a split shot after considering how fast the water is moving. Change up your dropper fly patterns, something smaller or a different fly entirely. 

The first thing the single-hand spey showed us is that when you can keep your line in the water longer, the better chances you have to get into fish. We mean that when you can have fewer false casts and better, longer roll casts, you will inevitably be having better chances of catching fish. With this in mind, the Single hand spey line is also an excellent line for fishing the lakes. When you are stripping streamers or wind drifting indicator rigs, you want to launch line without the time it takes to get out to distance. This line will not only save precious time but will level up your efficiency as well, making more significant rivers seem small and more attainable and lakes a casting haven. 

We hope you enjoyed a small snippet of info, and if you folks have any questions, it would be our pleasure to answer any of those for you. Click the links for more information, and we look forward to having you in the shop!cx

All the best, & fish on!

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