How much does it cost to start fly fishing?

How much does it cost to start fly fishing?

Contrary to popular belief, getting into fly fishing can be very affordable. For a beginner, the only things required are some flies, a leader, fly line, a reel and a rod. You may be surprised by how affordable a quality starting rod is. 

Here are some of our favorite low price rods: 

Echo Base - $84.95 (Closeout)

The Echo Base is the perfect rod for a new angler. This rod’s low price and durability make it a great option, not to mention, it performs really well.   

Echo Base Kit - $152.00 (Closeout)

The Echo Base kit includes the Echo Base rod, a reel and fly line, an excellent starting kit.  

Redington Path II - $139.95

The Redington Path II is another amazing choice for the starter angler. The durability of this rod makes it a guide favorite. It’s hard to beat the amazing casting and toughness that you get with the Path II series. 

Echo Carbon XL - $169.95

The Echo Carbon XL is the next step up from the Base. This rod was designed by competitive fly caster, Tim Rajeff. If you’re looking for something that can deliver powerful yet smooth casts for a bargain, look no further. 

Redington Vice - $199.95

The Redington Vice is a great option for a fly angler that may be looking to catch freshwater and saltwater fish. The Vice will provide controlled and accurate casts beyond the expectations of its price range.  

Echo Boost - $229.99

The Echo Boost may just boost your fishing to the next level. The power and fast action of this rod will fire casts across the river with surprising precision and accuracy. This light, sleek and powerful rod won’t disappoint. 

Redington Trace - $299.95

The Redington Trace delivers with some great features. The rods medium-fast action rod was specifically designed to present flies to trout in a stunning fashion. Amazing line sensitivity and stunning accuracy the trout don’t stand a chance. 

Sage Foundation - $350

The Sage Foundation is for someone who’s planning to immerse themselves into the world of fly fishing. When you’re holding a Sage rod the fish bow to you, women faint and men cry. Performance is the name of the game with this rod. This fast-action rod will deliver with stunning power and effortless control.  

Now that you have a rod the next step is a reel. For a beginner fly angler there is no reason to break the bank on a reel. Something reliable and durable is all that you need. 

Here are our favorite affordable reel options: 

Redington Zero - $99.95

The Redington Zero is known for being a great starter reel. It provides a reliable clicker drag system in a lightweight and durable package. 

Lamson Liquid - $109.99

The Lamson Liquid has been casted into a sleek and beautiful final product. Made in Boise Idaho, this reel will surprise you with it’s sleek looks and great performance. 

Redington Behemoth - $119.95

The Redington Behemoth combines a large arbor spool with a powerful drag system. The lunkers stand no chance against this reel. This heavy duty reel gives unbeatable reliability and performance for the price. 

Echo Bravo - $139.99

The Echo Bravo is a cast reel that has been machined to provide amazing looks and durability. The drag system is amazingly strong and smooth. This trustworthy reel won’t let you down when you’re battling the fish of a lifetime. 

Selecting a fly line can get confusing. There are tons of different options out there for every kind of fishing style imaginable. Starting simple is best for a beginner. A good floating fly line is all that you’ll need to start with. 

Here are some great fly lines that’ll help put your flies in front of some fish: 

Rio Mainstream Series Trout - $39.95

The Rio Mainstream Series Trout fly line is an excellent line for starters. It’s designed with a shorter front taper to help launch flies and optimize rod performance. 

Rio Avid Series Trout - $59.95

Upgrading to the Avid Series Trout fly line will provide you with extra durability and less line memory. 

Scientific Anglers Mastery Infinity - $79.95

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Infinity line is a powerful line that will deliver all types of flies to a myriad of different fish species. This line was made a half size heavy and a long head length to provide excellent mending and long distance casting capability. 

After selecting a fly line the next step is to get a leader. Proper leader selection varies depending on the water that’s being fished and the technique being used. In general, a 9 foot 5x leader will get the job done in most scenarios. 

Rio Trout Powerflex Plus 2 Pack - $9.95

Wet wading and bank fishing is the affordable way to get your flies in front of some fish, but it’ll get old. Buying a pair of waders will likely be your next major purchase in your fly fishing journey. There’s something special about being warm and dry while casting flies to hungry fish. Waders are an investment. It’s best to pick out a pair that's going to last. 

Here are some waders and wading boots that will keep you warm and dry for many years on the water: 

Korkers Greenback Wading Boot - $109.99

The Korkers Greenback wading boot has a great OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System which allows you to swap the soles of your boot out to match the conditions you’re fishing in. Abrasion resistant hydrophobic materials will help keep these boots in great condition.  

Simms Guide Classic Wader - $449.95

The Simms Guide Classic Wader is a new addition to the Simms collection. It’s got all the necessities so that you stay comfortable while on the water. Simms GORE-TEX waterproof breathable fabrics are the best the industry can offer. Investing into this pair of wader’s is a wise choice, they will stand the test of time, and Simms will repair them if needed. 

Soon you’ll realize that you’ve run out of room for new flies. You may start to wonder if you have a compulsive fly hoarding disorder. Don’t worry it’s normal. Although it’s not essential, having a nice fly box will help to organise all the flies you hoard. There are plenty of fly boxes with practical features that are less than $25. 

Large Waterproof Fly Box with Center Swing Leaf - $19.95

All the storage you need at a great price. 

The next step is a place to organize all your fly boxes, leaders and other various pieces of equipment. A great way to store all your extra gear and a few extra fly boxes is a hip pack. If you like to wade deep or you’ve got more stuff than a hip pack can handle, a sling pack or backpack will be a better choice. 

Fishpond Summit Sling - $99.95

Made from recycled fishing net nylon material, the Fishpond Summit Sling pack has all the storage you need, as well as, comfort and durability. 


These are all the basic pieces of gear that we recommend for new fly anglers. We hope that this helps simplify the complexities of the sport. Good luck out there and give us a call if you have any questions!


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