State of the Union

State of the Union

We are going to stay open and functioning at full capacity until told to do otherwise. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that. So, we will be here, whether in the shop, on the phone, online and through social media. It is our sincerest hope that you do your best to get out and fish regardless of all else going on. We will refer to fly fishing as “The Ultimate in Responsible Human Behavior!” until normalcy prevails. Being outdoors, standing in a trout stream, waving a flyrod in hopes of fooling a fish is no doubt the anecdote to crowds and 24-hour news cycle. And to that end, we look forward in assisting all of your fly-fishing endeavors.

First off, please know that we at the shop are taking every precaution, sanitizing thoroughly and often, keeping hands washed, offering disinfectant/anti-viral wipes to anyone in need and being vigilant in protecting our clients. Keeping Fly and Field a safe place for employees and customers is far and away priority number one. Having said that, we understand completely the public’s desire to avoid enclosed places and the potential for being exposed. So, here is how we are addressing this new and uncomfortable time.

We will be offering some new methods through which to acquire all your fly-fishing needs. For our local clients, if you would rather not come to the shop, we are offering “Take-Out Fishing Kits”. This program involves us putting together a cup or fly box full of flies, any leader, and tippet, floatant, bobbers, split shot, etc, whatever is needed to fish any of our local (or out-of-town) fisheries. The shop staff is around to field your phone call, go through where and when you’ll be fishing, put your kit together and take care of payment. Your kit will be waiting for you to swing by and pick up. Just call the shop when you’re out front and we’ll bring it out. Sorry, no fries and milkshake… If you have a reel to spool up, a new rod you can’t live without or a pair of waders you’re ready to get, we can take care of your entire purchase while you wait in the lot. Give the shop a call ahead of time and we will take care of everything. And whether in Bend or not, you can always order anything you need on the Online Fly-Fishing Shop we have on our website.

Our Fly and Field University programs will continue as well. We have several “events” planned and will be notifying all our Newsletter subscribers and social media followers when there is an announcement to be made. We are excited to offer some new and different programs. Please stay tuned for all of this. No matter where you are, how often you can wet a line, your experience level, we plan on keeping the stoke alive straight through.

We will be recording video fishing reports based on the latest intel coming in from the local fly-fishing community, as well as our employees and guides, who hit the local fisheries all the time! We’ve also got a bunch of fun podcasts we’ll be recording where we’ll be discussing where, when and with what we’ve been fishing, the rivers and lakes that will be opening, and sharing stories.

As usual, our social media will be jam-packed with exciting and interactive content. This has been a source of great pleasure for us for many years, and we don’t plan on slowing down now!

So, it is with a mixture of trepidation and excitement we step forward into this new and unpredictable time, hoping we can venture forward together, on our way to go fishing!

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