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Throughout the history and lore of angling, there is hardly a more iconic or legendary destination for summer run steelhead than the Lower Deschutes River here in Central Oregon. Of this place and quarry, perhaps more books have been written, films made, stories told and re-told than any other. The reason for this is quite simple: fly fishing the Lower D for steelhead is about as perfect as one can imagine.

Whether it’s done in late July, or in the shortest, coldest days December, or whether you prefer swinging flies with Spey rods or fishing large nymph rigs under an indicator, there is something here for you. No matter where you’ve been, this is a place you must experience for yourself. Here at Fly & Field Outfitters, we’ve been guiding fly fishing trips for steelhead on the Lower Deschutes River for many, many years. We know every nook and cranny. Whether you want to disappear for three or four days on a camp trip or only take an afternoon to drift the “Day Stretch” we know where these great fish like to hang out and can help you find them.

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The Most Remarkable Adventure

The Deschutes River and hard-fighting steelhead go hand in hand. Fly & Field Outfitters’ seasoned Oregon fishing guides have spent every free moment, and then some, pursuing steelhead. We know when, where, and how to hunt for these fish to ensure our clients have the highest chances of getting a beautiful, wild steelhead to the net.

In July we have single and multi-day trips available on the lowest stretches of the Deschutes River. Single-day trips launch from Pine Tree or Beavertail to Mack’s Canyon. Multi-day trips run from Mack’s Canyon to Heritage Landing, at the confluence of the Columbia River. These trips are filled with run after run of some of the most highly productive steelhead waters anywhere. Each day is spent hunting for chrome in some of the best water you’ve ever imagined. By mid-September, we begin taking multi-day floats from Trout Creek to Harpham Flats, near the town of Maupin. This is perhaps the most remote and epic 30 miles of the Lower Deschutes and includes the famed and feared Whitehorse Rapids. During that same time, we start running the “Day Stretch” targeting 8 miles of pure steelhead water.

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FAQ’s About Steelhead Guided Trips

What is included in the price of a guided trip?
You will be responsible for purchasing a few flies for the day. If you do not already have an Oregon Fishing License we can sell you one here at the shop either the day of the trip or beforehand. On day trips from Warm Springs to Trout Creek, we suggest purchasing a Tribal Permit to fish the left side of the river. And let’s not forget a generous gratuity for the guide!
What should I bring with me on a guided trip?
We recommend some sunscreen, lip balm, and anything you might want to snack on before or after lunch. Bring a camera or your phone for getting the “grip-n-grin” shot! Also, we are not allowed to supply any alcoholic beverages to our clients. Having said that, you are more than welcome to bring a six-pack or whatever your preference is. We’ve been informed, by perfectly reliable sources, that a cold beer goes nicely with a day of steelheading.
What isn't included in the price of a steelhead trip?
Fly & Field offers full-service guided trips with rods, waiters, flies, you name it. All you need to think about is a variety of apparel for cold and warm temps, sun protection for your eyes and skin, and any personal belongings you may need.
What techniques and gear will we use?
We can go with either two-handed Spey rods or good ol' single-handers. Many of us enjoy the meditative activity of getting our tip and fly set-up, getting to the top of a run and methodically working the entire thing, showing our swung fly to every prospective lie where a fish might hold. This technique can be quite effective on the right day. The most used rods are 12’6”-13’6” Spey sticks in 6 or 7wt. Whether we are using big, articulated bugs or smaller, traditional, hair-wing flies will depend on conditions. For the single-hander, we like 9’ to 9’6” rods in 6 or 7wt. For these, a floating line will be fine. We will usually put a combo rig of stonefly and egg pattern. The plus to this system is that there’s a good chance something will eat it! Might be a steelhead or a big, slabby Redband. You just never know!
What should I wear for a steelhead trip on the Deschutes?
Dressing properly is an important aspect of an enjoyable day on the water. During the summer, the vast majority of the time we are in lightweight, UV protectant clothes and a large-brimmed hat. Later in the season, we can see pretty chilly weather, so be prepared for that. A warm hat and some effective gloves can be “must-haves" during that time of the year. We recommend a pair of polarized sunglasses as well for greater visibility in the water.
How many people can go on a Deschutes steelhead trip?
The maximum per boat is three, with some exceptions when we might recommend two. On camp trips we take two per boat, so get a group of 2, 4, 6 or 8 and we can take multiple boats out for larger parties on the day trips. For group outings, we also offer all-inclusive pricing. Contact the shop at 1-866-800-2812 for how that works!

We Offer a Variety of Local, Scenic Trips

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Walk & Wade Trips

$550 Full Day

Crooked River Trips

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Cascade Lake Trips

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Camp Trips

Let's Go!

We offer a variety of guided fly fishing trip packages to ensure that each angler gets the highest quality experience available to them. If a Steelhead Fishing Trip isn't exactly what you and your group are after, check out our other options including Crooked River Guided Trips, Deschutes Camp Trips or our Walk and Wake Trips. We look forward to seeing you on the water! Fly & Field Outfitters is here to ensure that your experience chasing fish in our local waters will not soon be forgotten.

If you have any further questions about a guided Steelhead fishing trip in Central Oregon, please don't hesitate to call the shop at 541-318-1616 or email us at


Early season reservations will allow you to secure the dates desired. A 50% deposit is required to secure dates, refundable if cancellation is received no less than thirty (30) days prior to trip date. Trips proceed regardless of weather conditions. We reserve to right to cancel in the event of unsafe conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. If we cancel your trip, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a future date that is mutually acceptable.

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