Lower Deschutes Camping- Your Dream Trip Awaits

Ask any angler here in Central Oregon what they’d most prefer to do with 3 or 4 days of fishing and there’s a good chance they will tell you “Go for a camp trip on the Lower Deschutes River!” And for good reason: there’s simply nowhere else like it when it comes to a combination of beauty, remoteness, and fishing. Perhaps the greatest testament to a fully supported camp trip on the Lower D is that many of our guests book this trip every year - it's an addiction.

One thing to understand is that you do not need to be an expert angler to enjoy a guided camp trip with us. Fly fishers of all skill levels will enjoy the trip and find some fish willing to play. The adventure itself is what every guest remembers. And the other great news is that you do not need your own fly-fishing equipment. Fly & Field Outfitters will supply all of it. All you need to do is book the trip and show up.

Another important note is that these are not whitewater trips. While there are a couple of rapids along the way, the vast majority of the river is placid. Most hours in the boat are spent almost silently; you just sit back and take in the scenery, which is truly breathtaking. Typically, our Deschutes River guided camp trips will launch at Warm Springs or the remote Trout Creek and spend 3 or 4 days drifting to Maupin. However, we also offer early steelhead season (August to mid-September) trips on the lowest section of the river from Mack’s Canyon to the confluence with the Columbia River.

Once floating down the river, you quickly bid adieu to civilization. All the world’s worries evaporate for these precious days and nights. The canyon takes you in, massive and encompassing. This is the rarest treat: disconnecting with the electronic world and being 100% engulfed by nature, history, and tradition.

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Set Aside Some Days and Let Us Take Care of the Rest

Whether you opt for a 2, 3, 4 or 5 day guided camp trip on the Lower Deschutes River, you can expect a first-class experience. Each day an advanced gear boat, the “bagger,” will row ahead and have a luxurious camp awaiting you at day’s end. The “bagger” is also our camp chef. He prepares mouth-watering dishes that leave no appetite unsatisfied. After a hearty dinner, our guests usually enjoy a cold, malty beverage (or three!) while telling fish stories and stargazing into the immense, dark sky.

When it comes time for sleep, oversized tents and comfortable cots await. Mornings in camp can be as laid back as you like, or a mad dash to the water. Regardless, the “bagger” will have coffee and a delicious hot breakfast prepared before you continue down river. Hot BBQ lunches are prepared daily streamside by your guide. Check out the FAQs below to find out what you will need for one of these epic, unforgettable adventures.

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FAQ’s About Deschutes Camp Trips

What is included in a Lower Deschutes camp trip?
As with all of our guided adventures, rod, reel, waders, and boots are included in the price along with all of your meals. On our guided camp trips, we serve a full lunch each day on the riverside. A dinner is an event in camp each night with our “Bagger” serving multi-course masterpieces that you won’t believe. Mornings will be all about coffee and something warm and sustained for the day; breakfast burritos and egg sandwiches are favorites. Each guide boat will have a cooler full of cold soda, Gatorade, and water. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, we will accommodate you and your party. Our camp will have spacious tents with cots and sleeping pads. Most clients bring a sleeping bag and pillow and some of their favorite adult beverages.
What else should I bring with me on a camp trip?
We recommend some good sunscreen, lip balm, sun hat, headlamp, toothpaste and toothbrush, a book, and anything you might need to snack on before or after lunch. Bring a camera or your phone for getting the “grip-n-grin” shot. Also, we are not allowed to supply any alcoholic beverages to our clients. Having said that, you are more than welcome to bring beer or whatever your preference is. We’ve been informed, by perfectly reliable sources, that cold beer goes nicely down there on a camp trip.
What isn't included in the price of a guided camp trip?
You will be responsible for purchasing flies for the trip, usually 8-10 per day. If you do not already have an Oregon Fishing License we can sell you one here at the shop either the day of the trip or beforehand. We do need a boater’s pass for the trip, which runs between $4-6 per person per day. And let’s not forget a generous gratuity for the guide!
What species of fish can we expect to catch?
The prized quarry down there most of the year is Redband rainbow trout. This is an extraordinarily beautiful, native fish that has called the Lower Deschutes home for millennia. One of the most remarkable things about the river is that no other species of trout has ever been introduced, so we have a properly native trout. As with all native fisheries, there are not gazillions of trout and they do not grow huge. What you get instead is the chance to cradle nature in its unaltered perfection. No two Redbands look alike. They are easily, pound-for-pound, the hardest fighting rainbow trout you will ever meet. And once you’ve encountered one, you will never think of trout fishing with a fly rod the same again. But on any given day down there we might see native whitefish, which are no pushover, “butter bellies”, which is a native bottom feeder and grows massive and bull trout still reside in the Lower Deschutes although not in the numbers the river once knew. They are federally endangered down there. Meeting one is the rarest treat, but happens just often enough to keep us feeling positive about their chances. Once late summer is here we start looking for steelhead pretty much anywhere in the Lower 100. These are mysterious ghosts but the Deschutes has good runs every year. Whether we target the steelhead is entirely up to you. And often times we catch them when trying for trout!
What clothes should I bring for a Camp trip?
Dressing properly is an important aspect of an enjoyable camp trip on the Lower D. We will keep an eye on the weather as your trip nears and make recommendations. In the spring and fall that can mean anything from a puffy jacket and knit hat to shorts, sun shirts, and a big hat. During the summer, the vast majority of the time we are in lightweight, UV protectant clothes and a large-brimmed hat. Typically we need warmer clothes around camp at night and in the morning. As with any camping trip, it’s best to be prepared for anything. We always suggest a spare set of long underwear and socks in case you get wet during the day. We also recommend a pair of polarized sunglasses for greater visibility in the water. If the weather goes sideways, we also suggest a good rain jacket or poncho.
How many people can go on a Lower D Camp Trip?
The maximum per boat on a camp trip is two. So it’s best to bring a group of 2, 4, 6 or 8. There is a price break for groups of 4 or more. We’ve found that the trip is so much better if we limit the rides to 2 anglers per boat.

We Offer a Variety of Local, Scenic Trips

$650 Full Day

Deschutes Day Trip

$650 1-2 Anglers

Steelhead Trips

$600 Starting At

Group Trips

$475 Half Day

Lake Trips

Let's Go!

We offer a variety of guided fly fishing trip packages to ensure that each angler gets the highest quality experience available to them. If the Steelhead Fishing Guided Trip doesn't sound like the perfect fit, check out our other options including Lower Deschutes Day Trips, Crooked River Guided Trips, or our Group Trips. We look forward to seeing you on the water! Fly & Field Outfitters is here to ensure that your experience chasing fish in our local waters will not soon be forgotten.

If you have any further questions about our Deschutes Camp Trips, please don't hesitate to call the shop at 541-318-1616 or email us at info@flyandfield.com.


Early season reservations will allow you to secure the dates desired. A 50% deposit is required to secure dates, refundable if cancellation is received no less than thirty (30) days prior to trip date. Trips proceed regardless of weather conditions. We reserve to right to cancel in the event of unsafe conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. If we cancel your trip, your deposit will be refunded or applied to a future date that is mutually acceptable.

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