Fall River Update

Fall River Update

There are still bucket loads of fish swimming around the Fall River! As usual, when the fish are in there, the fishing gets good. However, as we can expect, with a great amount of pressure, the fish start to get more selective with their grabs and what they are eating. This is a great opportunity to start honing in some of those skills in getting tricky fish to eat. We know the fish are there, we know they are eating, we just know they can be picky. This is a good time to taper down your tippets and leaders, to see if 6x may be working better than 5x. Also switching from nylon to fluorocarbon if you are fishing subsurface. Focusing on the perfect dead drift to get the flies right in front of the fishes face.

There has been a decent PMD/BWO hatch that comes off at various times of the day. The fish start to key in up top when the hatch is going off. Fishing a dry with a soft hackle dropper can be effective. Our go to dries have been sz 16-18 purple haze, sz 16-18 BWO Hacklestacker, sz 16-18 compardun, and sz 16-18 parachute adams. Coming off that we have been going with a sz 18-20 red or black two bit hooker, sz 16-18 pyscho prince, and sz 16-18 soft hackles (Pheseant tail or Hares Ear)

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