Fall River Update

Fall River Update

The Fall River! Such an exceptional little body of water. At least when the fishing is great and there a lot of fish in the river. It goes without saying that the fishing in the Fall River is best when fish are first put in the river. This being said, it has been awhile since fish have been added to the river so the bite gets a little bit more selective. Many of us try switching tactics, changing leader and tippet tapers, and even sight fishing the flies right into the fishes mouth. The clarity of the water on the Fall River is an advantage to us in that way. If you do not see fish near you, stop fishing, they probably are not there! Make your way until you find the fish.

When the bite gets tough, we have noticed that fish tend to like to eat off the bottom. This being said, heading out to the Fall River may be a good opportunity to work on some new nymphing or streamer fishing techniques. Adding more split shot, using heavier flies, etc.  One of our go to ways is throwing scuplins and other streamers that have a heavy head on them. We let these sink to the bottom and then begin slowly retrieving. Fish can go bananas for this technique on the Fall. You will see them go nose down on the fly like a bonefish on a flat. Pretty fun times!

With the nymphing, you can add a bit of shot or a heavier fly to get down and dirty and right in front of the face of fish that do not want to move. Our favorite flies on the Fall this time of year are egg patterns, size 18-20 red two bit hookers, size 18-20 red, black, or olive zebra midges, size 14-18 flashback pheasant tails, and size 14-18 hares eares.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about streamer fishing. Pop into the shop or give us a ring!

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