Late Season Fall River Update

Late Season Fall River Update

The Fall River has continued to fish well! Remember, with regulation changes last year, we are able to fish below the falls year round. This time of year can make for some adventuring below the falls, looking for fish that may have pushed up from the Deschutes. You can spend some time hoofin it around, finding fish here and there. Just keep off the private party! You’ll know when you get to it.

Anyway, as far as tactics and how to get those fish to eat… keep an eye out in the late morning into the early afternoon for a decent blue winged olive hatch as well as midges coming off here and there. The fish are actively feeding on top that this time. Fishing with a size 16-18 BWO cripple, BWO extended body, Parachute Adams, or purple haze are a good go to for feeding the fish while they are actively eating. If you are getting refusals, do not get frustrated! Try tying on a little dropper off the dry and see if they will commit to the dropper. We have been fishing size 16-18 copper johns (red or copper), sz 20-22 midges (tailwater, olive, black), and sz 18 prince nymphs.

If you want to focus only on nymphing, use the same flies that we recommend for droppers above. Additionally, you can fish sz 18-20 two bit hookers (red or black) or egg patterns!

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