Lower Deschutes Caddis in Full Bloom

Lower Deschutes Caddis in Full Bloom

As usual, the first 100 degree day down there blew the place up. Rarely have I seen so many good fish in the eddy water splashing at the little “tent wings”. The fire, winds and slightly cooler temps slowed things a little, but today (6/27) was another good one. The only downside to the hatch getting going is that the fish are a little less likely to eat nymphs for the next week or so. The spend a ton of energy eating in the eddies and riffles that chasing nymphs become a little secondary. Today’s best fish (landed!) was actually fooled with a little Juju Baetis under the caddis dry…on 6X! But for all you “head” hunters out there, now is the time to march deep into the canyon equipped with water, snacks, a few of your favorite caddis and an eye out for snakes. Study every eddy you come across. Every little seam pealing of a break. Every drop off from a steep rip-rap bank. They’re there, waiting for a caddis. The hatch seems really strong this year so be prepared for powerful fish on light tippet.
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