Metolius River Update

Metolius River Update

We are continuing to see good numbers of Green Drakes on the Metolius, with the hatch typically starting around midday and varying in strength throughout the afternoon. Fish will key in on the hatch at various times, so look for pods of rising fish and have a dry fly rod at the ready. There are various other Mayflies coming off in the afternoons and evenings, with plenty of Caddis in the mix as well. In the mornings or anytime the fish aren’t looking up a double nymph rig is the go-to method. Big Golden Stones and other Stonefly patterns have been producing consistently, we like to trail a smaller Mayfly nymph or Caddis pupa. Make sure the flies are getting deep and let that drift swing to the bank when fishing a Caddis pupa!

Suggested Nymphs: Lex’s Improved Golden Stone #10-12, BH Epoxy Golden Stone #10-12, Brown Jimmy Legs #8-12, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail #14-18, Red or Black Two Bit Hooker #16-18, Olive Sparkle Pupa #16-18, Olive Soft Hackle #16-18, Black or Red Lightning Bug #14-18, Copper or Black Copper John #14-18

Suggested Dries: CDC Thorax Green Drake #12, Last Chance Green Drake #10, Killer Green Bug #12, Para Green Drake #10, Q’s Victory Drake #12, PMD Tiltwing #14-18, PMD Sparkle Dun #16-18, Mahogony Tiltwing #14-16

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