Metolius Update

Metolius Update

There are all sorts of bugs out on the Metolius, providing great opportunity to fish dries to nice Redsides. We’ve seen an assortment of Caddis, Golden Stones, and Mayflies on most days. PMDs are prevalent, and there have been some great Green Drake hatches, particularly on overcast days. It is tough to beat the array of insects we are seeing on the Metolius right now, and when the fish are looking up the surface action can be lights out! The hatches will vary in strength and can be short lived so it is good to be prepared to throw a nymph rig when the surface action lulls. As for the nymphing, Golden Stones and small Mayfly patterns continue to produce fish, and we are seeing increasing success on the Big October Caddis patterns that help get flies down towards the bottom. Kokanee are definitely around as well, and the fishing for Bulls has been good. The Kokanee spawn also provides the opportunity to fish egg patterns when the fish aren’t keyed in on Stonefly, Mayfly, or Caddis nymphs.

Suggested Dries: Sparkle Dun PMD #16-18, Tilt Wing PMD #16-18, Sparkle Dun BWO #18-20, Hackle Stacker Baetis #18-20, Parachute Green Drake #10-12, CDC Thorax Green Drake #12, Gunnison Green Drake #12, Carnage Drake #12, Henry’s Fork Caddis #14-18, X Caddis #14-18, Tan Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, Clarks Stone #8-10

Suggested Nymphs: BH Poxy Golden #10-12, Lex’s Improved Golden Stone #8-12, Brown or Black Jimmy Legs #10-12, Deep October Pupa #8-10, Sparkle Pupa #14-18, Jigged CDC PT #14-16, Jigged Hare’s Ear #14-16, Black or Red Two Bit Hooker #16-20, Juju Baetis #16-20, Newbury’s Purdy John Brown PMD #16-18, Hunchback Green Drake #12, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear #14-18

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