Five Dry Flies to Have in the Box this Summer

Five Dry Flies to Have in the Box this Summer

X-Caddis #16

The X-Caddis has become one of our favorite flies and is a go-to pattern for our guides on the Lower Deschutes during the summer. A simple design and generous amounts of Elk Hair give the fly excellent flotation. The antron tail allows the angler to fish the fly as either an adult or an emerger in the film , which means this is a great fly to swing or skitter across the surface.

Purple Haze #18

Everyone should have a selection of Purple Haze’s in their dry box. It’s an attractor style dry fly that is versatile in its ability to imitate various Mayflies, Midges, and even Dark Caddis. When fish are rising and you need a place to start, go for the #18 Purple Haze.

Chubby Chernobyl #12-16

The Chubby Chernobyl is another attractor fly that imitates a variety of Stoneflies and Terrestrials. This foam bodied pattern floats incredibly well and is ideal for dry dropper set ups in both rivers and lakes.

Parachute Callibaetis #14

This is a perfect representation of everyone’s favorite summertime stillwater Mayfly. The Callibaetis hatches on East, Lava, Hosmer, and other lakes provide some of the most consistent dry fly opportunities in the area. This fly is easy to see and is our standby pattern for stillwater dry fly angling all summer.

Tilt Wing PMD #16

The warming weather of Spring brings out PMDs in good numbers throughout Central Oregon. They can be as large as #12-14, but we see them more often in the #16-18 range. The Tilt Wing PMD has a very slim quill body with hackle wraps to provide a realistic outline to underlying fish. A hair wing provides excellent flotation and is oriented in a way that also allows the fly to double as a light Caddis imitation in a pinch or when both types of bugs are out.

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