Fly and Field Fall Float Photo Essay

First off, we want to take the time and thank all of YOU for your continued support over the almost two decades that Fly and Field has been in town. This was the 15th time that Fly and Field have done their Fall shakedown float. Without your continued support, trips like this would never be possible! So, we want to thank you for allowing us to shut down the shop for a few days and spend a few much needed days on the water with our crew.

The weather was forecasted to be pretty nasty over the weekend. However, we found that it was not quite as bad as it was predicted. We launched early Saturday morning and took off in the afternoon on Monday! The weather was quite steelhead like for day one. It turned out that the weather was right and two steelheads were stuck at the first stop of the day. One by Shop Manager, Dave Merrick and the other by Scott Cooks brother, Jeff. Both happened to be hatchery fish, which turned out to be an excellent appetizer for the chilly evenings. Both steelheads took the swung fly!

Smiles for miles! Right out the gate from Trout Creek, we were kick backed and relaxed. Here is Andrew, Scott, and Jeff enjoying the early morning on the Lower Deschutes River.

First Stop Success! Legend, Dave Merrick, follows Kyle through a run and sticks a nice hatchery fish. We ate this one night one! Delicious.

We call this FULL CHILL FREELAND. What a guy, what a guy!

On these trips, we take the fishing easy and the relaxing hard! Griff loves a beautiful, cold Vicious Mosquito from Sunriver. He spent a considerable portion of his summer on the camp stretch of the river working, so it was nice for him to take a few days to kick back and relax.



Day Two brought blue skies and strong winds. The strong winds, eh… well… we made it happen! Here is Glenn swinging for the elusive steel.


Coming through the horse!!  At least the end of it. Just like coffee, rowing Whitehorse will wake you up in the morning.

GEORGE!!!! Our awesome little George stuck his first steelhead on the float. He is genuinely dedicated to the steelhead game, refuses to nymph and only swing. This one ate a swung fly!! Well done George, you are the man!

Jasper Trout getting a little Trouty down there!  WOO!

Griff is surveying the mess that a feisty trout decided to create after being hooked in the mouth!

This is one of our favorite parts of the Lower Deschutes float. The wildlife! This big sheep was hanging on the right bank, in a spot where we usually do not see them. He was big and bad!!

Griff sticking a nice little trout. Woo!

These next two photos are what it is all about for us! Just relaxing, hanging, drinking a few cold ones, and party fishing with the boys. Woo! Truly, this is what it is all about.  We appreciate YOU for allowing US to take this time to be with our crew. Thanks again!

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