Photos From Lake In The Dunes and More

Photos From Lake In The Dunes and More

Here are a few more shots from our big weekend down at lake in the Dunes. As mentioned last week, we had a great turnout of highly motivated, interested people. One thing we’ve found throughout all the Educational Series and Programs is that the more curious you are, the more questions you’ll ask and the more you’ll learn. This goes for someone who’s fly fished for three months or thirty years. There’s always something to learn. For us to have fostered this way to engage and instruct aspiring anglers from all walks of life, young and old, men and women, is a hugely rewarding part of our job here at Fly and Field.

So without further ado… Enjoy some shots form the weekend

Saturday offered up some challenging weather. But this part of the crew was smiling and ready for anything




LITD Edu Weekend002




Out on the Lakes, we would spread folks out and work on castingLITD Edu Weekend003

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bill Austin. This guy had never touched a fly rod before the weekend. He is easily one of the quickest students we’ve ever met. And he just LOOKS like an angler! LITD Edu Weekend006

Jonathan with one of the heftier fish you’ll meet down there. This was Saturday afternoon as the cold winds buffeted our world. But everyone learned that just because the wind blows on a lake it does not mean the fish won’t eat

LITD Edu Weekend009

A well-released fish is a fish that will play with you again someday. We stressed the importance fish handling throughout the weekend, as we do constantly on guided trips.LITD Edu Weekend007

Sunday was the perfect reward for all that we endured Saturday. Does this look like a place you might like to be? Give us a call at the shop and we can get you down there!LITD Edu Weekend004



Tom Daniels! One of the larger trout you’ll ever meet. A great payoff for spending the day learning new techniques. Congrats, Tom!LITD Edu Weekend005


In other news, this is Opening Day for trout season Saturday the 25th. While  most everything will be open and accessible, the road to East Lake is not set to open for another couple weeks. Check with the lodge up there for the latest. And remember, the Upper Deschutes from Wickiup to Crane and Crane to Little Lava won’t be open for another month.

Meanwhile, the Crooked has fished well of late. The first caddis and PMD are already showing, although not in great numbers. It would appear that the flows will remain steady at around 220cfs this month. On recent guide trips we’ve caught fish on everything from leeches to midges. Stop by the shop for your springtime Crooked bugs.

The Middle Deschutes is alarmingly low for this time of the year. The fishing is good for wild bows and browns, but the usual spots for early season are already really skinny and fish are holding in their summer lies. No sign up big bugs yet, but they’re right around the corner. Come by the shop and we can point you in the right direction with a few bugs.

Okay, everyone, enjoy the Opening Weekend. Never hesitate to stop by or give a call to talk fishing opportunities. We’re here for ya!!

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