Salmonflies are on the Horizon!

Salmonflies are on the Horizon!

Hard to believe we’re already thinking about the Salmonfly hatch, but it’s right around the corner. Those of you who have experienced this aquatic insect phenomena, you know how epic it can be. For those who haven’t, you owe it to yourself! This is a hatch that is great to fish either with a guide or on your own. We’re anticipating big bugs to be out on the stretch of river between Maupin and Warm Springs around Mother’s Day weekend and sticking around through Memorial Day. No telling exactly when it will peak, but it should be a good year. High water usually produces a robust hatch. We have a couple good slots available for the “Camp Stretch” and a bunch of dates on the “Day Stretch”. Having said that, if you’re thinking about getting on the river for this year’s event, get a date booked sooner than later as things are beginning to fill up.

Click here to Check some of the action from last year on the “Camp Stretch”

Whether you intend on getting out on a guided trip for a day or four, or you plan on hiking the banks looking for greedy fish behind trees, it’s never too early to get your gear sorted, grab a handful of flies, make sure all your tippet and leader material is good to go and get properly prepared for the festivities. We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to get after the big bug this spring.

In the meantime don’t discount the fun to be had when the nymphal migration begins. For many of us, this is as much fun as the dry fly action that follows. When the big nymph begins trekking for the banks, the feeding frenzy is on! So if you don’t mind getting a couple big nymphs wet under a bobber, let us get you kitted out and ready for some awesome action!

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