Steelhead on the swing and the Olympics - Brian O'Keefe ties flies!!

Steelhead on the swing and the Olympics - Brian O'Keefe ties flies!!

"If fishing for steelhead on the swing was an Olympic sport, all you would need is a stout Spey Rod, Type 3 sink tip, some leader and this simple fly - it's called the Huck & Hope."

That was the answer to my question of the day for Brian O'Keefe, a true legend of the sport of fishing and fly fishing. I asked him, "So I am heading down to the Lower D, and was wondering what you think I should take?" After talking for a quick bit about different places and techniques he said, "Why don't I just tie up one of these for you real quick?" 

Brian OKeefes Huck and Hope
About 5 minutes after grabbing items from the walls of the shop, I ended up with a great new fly to try to fool steelhead with this weekend!!

Brian's insight into the industry comes from many years as a sales rep for just about every big name in the fly fishing industry. I'm not gonna name names in this post, and if you know Brian - you know how many businesses he has helped along his way through life. His knowledge of fishing for all the bucket list fish you can think of has packed his brain with data that cannot be taught. It can only be experienced in the moments he decides to share with all of us.

Thanks for coming by and giving me some amazing tips and a new fly Brian - you are the real deal.Here's a pic of the materials he used to tie up the fly and links to the products, so you can tie it yourself!!!

Huck & Hope Recipe:

Tiemco 5262 #4
Spirit River Hot Cones - Hot Orange 3/16"
Hareline Dubbin Magnum Rabbit Strips - Purple
Hareline Dubbin Krystal Pearl Chenille - Purple
Spirit River Strung Saddle - Purple
Spirit River Holographic Mylar Motion 1/32" - Purple

Brian palmered the hackle when he put the wing on, and left it full in the head behind the thread wrap and cone.

As far as I know this is a simple pattern that works well. All you ever have to do is the simple things well and this fly should work great!


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