Top 5 Fall Fishing Accessories

Top 5 Fall Fishing Accessories

We love to be on the water during the “off-season” and we like to be comfortable while we do it! Many of us spend our days chasing steelhead across Oregon and have to battle inclement weather while doing so! If we aren’t out fishing for steelhead, we are trying trick a trout or two into eating a fly. Regardless of where we are or what we are doing, we need to be prepared for any sort of weather. Take a look at some of the products the Fly and Field crew looks to for fishing in the fall!


1. BlackStrap “The Hood” Balaclava 

This is hands down one of the best accessories to have on our face and head while on the water during the day. From the cold mornings to the cool evenings, the hood keeps you well protect and cozy. They are 100% USA Made and from right here in Bend, Oregon. Not only will they keep you warm, it will keep you protected from those harmful sun rays with an SPF 50+ rating. They are lens safe, wind resistant, and feature an articulated hinged mouth for easy access to your beverage. Check them out here!

2. Simms Exstream Fold Over Mitt

Who likes cold hands? We are guessing no one! These mitts are great for mornings and afternoons on the water. Having the fold down access is vital for tying knots, rigging,  and taking photos. This helps eliminate taking gloves on and off all day. The mitt snaps back and stays in place while you use your fingers. Then bam! Fold down and get those fingers toasty again. These differ from other fold down mitts because they include the thumb! Keep those hands warm here


3. Renzetti “The Apprentise” Vise

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A vise you say? Yes! That is right. This is one of our favorite accessories to spend a bit time with during the fall! We like the ease of use, packability, and how well it can hold a hook! We like to throw this vise in the travel kit and have it on the road with us! That way we can whip up some tasty treats to throw to the fish after spending a few days on the water. Get yourself tyin’ here.

4. Simms Guide Thermal Sock

Cold feet are arguably worse than cold fingers. With cold fingers and no gloves, you can shove them in your jacket to get them toasty. Unlike your fingers, your toes are not as easy to get warmed up while wedged into waders and wading boots. This is why we like a thick and warm sock to keep those toes and calves nice and toasty. With merino wool as a main fabric in these socks, they keep your toes warm and regulate moisture even with a pinhole leak in your waders. Keep em toasty here.

5. Simms Riffle Jacket

We are pretty fortunate to have a rather dry fall but we do get a few days of rainy weather here and there. Like they say, if you hate the weather… wait 5 minutes! It will change. This being said, this minimalist wading jacket it makes a day on the river a dry one. We like this jacket because it packs down tight and fits in our pack well when we are making our way down stream. If it starts raining, just pull it out and throw it on! Oh… and they are on sale! Stay dry here.


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