Fish In The Fall River!

Fish In The Fall River!

It is always a beautiful sight when we see fish back in the Fall River! The hatchery guys have been consistently putting fish into the river. The only spot we have not had great success for most of the summer is near the gauge station. However, we are being told by ODFW hatchery that fish are being put there whenever they are stocking.

The Fall River can get quite busy, just remember that there are fish all over that river, not just in the main locations where folks stop. If you take some time and hike below the falls, you will likely find some fish that have not been fished as heavily as the fish at the tubes and hatchery. Same thing with above the tubes. Pound some dirt and find some fish!

There have been a few decent PMD hatches throughout the day. The first one kicking off around 9am lasting for about an hour. The second one coming off around 11 pm and then again at 1pm. They may be short hatches, however, they can be fun. When you see them coming off, switch over to a PMD, purple haze, or parachute adams. Fishing these in a size 16-20 can be effective. 5x tippet/leader for dry fly fishing! If you are nymphing, fishing 5x or 6x fluorocarbon is pertinent. These fish see a lot of flies so you want to be as stealthy as possible. Our go to nymphs on the Fall have been size 16-20 red cooper johns, sz 18-22 purple zebra midges, sz 20-22 purple juju baetis, sz 20-22 red juju baetis, and sz 20 olive tailwater tiny midges.

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