March on the Fall River

March on the Fall River

One of the few bright spots over the month or so is that the Fall River continues to offer some really fun fishing. On the right day. With the right flies. Fished to right way… We’ve had days up there recently with snow blowing sideways and Blue-Winged Olives hatching thick, trout eating all over the place. And days when you’d swear there were only two fish left in the river. This is a spring creek after all, so you always head up hoping for the hatch. If it’s happening, you’ll see the first BWO coming off around 11 or noon and lasting anywhere from one hour to three. The warmer the day, the better. Usually. The secret weapon up there has been a good ‘ol Winker’s Midge fished on or near the surface. Even when the BWOs are everywhere, we suggest trailing your dry with a Winker’s. Please don’t ask us why this works. Just believe that it does. The Hatchery has remained good but the road to the “Tubes” is now ok for 4X4 trucks and SUVs. There are fish spread around both above and below, all the way down to the falls. Up around the Campground there are fish above and below the log dam. So get up there for a few hours and enjoy the beauty. Before you know it, the great meadow will be so thick with mosquitos you’ll yearn for these snowbound days.

Take your favorite BWO nymphs and dries. We’ve caught fish on everything from #16 Parachute Adams to #22 Sparkle Dun to the aforementioned Winker’s. Not trying to be obtuse. Just can be that wacky up there. And don’t forget the egg patterns!


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